• Bulgaria, Plovdiv, bul. Peshtersko shose 156 A
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Color Metal - Bulgaria

Color Metal T Ltd. - Bulgaria

ПарапетиПарапети Алуминиеви парапети и парапетни системиАлуминиеви парапети и парапетни системи Производство на усилващи профилиПроизводство на усилващи профили

Articles of non-ferrous brass, copper, bronze and aluminum alloys, handrails, profiles, tubes

Main activities of Color Metal T Ltd. is marketing non-ferrous metals - brass, copper, bronze and aluminum alloys, stainless steel products of AISI 304 material. Manufacturer in profiles and accessories for parapet systems.

Color Metal company specializes in marketing products from non-ferrous metals. Direct importer of aluminum structures for the production of handrails in a wide range of colors. Kolor Metal is producer of parapets, aluminum parapet mount systems and fencing constructions of stainless steel and various metal parts, including copper, brass and aluminum products, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel welded and seamless pipes.