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About company - Color Metal T Ltd.

Information to Color Metal T Ltd. - Bulgaria

Color Metal T Ltd. was founded in 2004 with headquarters in Bulgaria. Specializes in trade with non-ferrous metals, aluminum profiles and accessories for handrails.

• Articles of non-ferrous brass, copper, bronze and aluminum alloys
• Stainless articles of AISI 304 material
• Aluminum parapet systems
• Profiles and accessories for handrails

The company has its own warehouse located in Plovdiv.

In the warehouse to maintain a wide range of products by non-ferrous metals. The materials are produced by both Bulgarian and foreign companies. The company is a direct importer of most of them.

• All material possession certificates from factory manufacturer!

Kolor Metal produce and installed aluminum parapets systems.

Direct importer of aluminum structures for the construction of railings, aluminum profiles and accessories in a wide color range.

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Color Metal T Ltd. is a company maker, demonstrated professionalism and quality in the production of handrails in the realization of designer products for homes, villas, hotels, holiday resorts, restaurants and more. Large production capacity ensures quick and accurate performance of contracts, regardless of volume.

Using high quality materials and latest technologies of production is GUARANTEED!

Because we know how important it is to invest wisely, our obligation to recommend exactly what you need and offer you the best product in the ratio of price - quality - necessary.