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Handrails and parapet systems of Metal Color


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COLOR METAL LTD is a manufacturer of railings and fencing constructions of stainless steel, brass and aluminum. The company make design, produce, manufacture and install variety of metal products and parts of metal. Colour Metal`s systems and products have many advantages.

 • The company offer universal mounting system of compounds


 We offer a universal mounting system of compounds. Systems details Parapet type constructor a type composed of a large number of uniform and easy-assembly fasteners and decorative details. By combining their possible creation of a wide range of configurations and projects of parapets and surrounding structures. This makes our products easy to transport, quick installation and relatively inexpensive because the system for mass production.


 Lack of visible welds and welds

 Assembly of the structure does not require welds - all metal parts are assembled each other with using special spring fittings and joints, while the main fasteners are assembled using screws as seen only in individual cases provided for bonding. No further processing is required during installation and beyond.

 Strict system of production control and assure accuracy of the workpiece and pipes as well as strength and beauty of all our products.